Catalysts For Worship

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Jesus stuff

Image It seems that too often we think music is the only thing that can bring us to worship God. Now, music is a great way to worship, but I think we are doing ourselves and God an disservice by acting like it is the only catalyst for worship. This kind of mindset causes a split in our lives between secular and divine. Our day to day lives are no longer part of our walk with Christ if we can only worship through a worship service on Sunday morning or listening to Hillsong United. We can no longer connect with God during work, while we’re at school, or while enjoying our hobbies. All of these things become separate from our faith.

You see, to really connect with God, we have to worship. Without worshiping Him, how can we know of His glory or His love? Sure, we know some verses in the Bible that tell us about His greatness and that He loves us, but we haven’t really experienced these things for ourselves. Just as it is one thing to read about the beauty of the view from a mountain top or to see pictures from that mountain, nothing compares to actually experiencing the view for yourself. In the same way worship is just like taking that hike up the mountain, reaching the peak, and taking in the majestic scene before you. Image

You might not be able to see how doing something like watching a television show or going hiking can be a catalyst for worshiping God. It does seem to be a bit abstract, but it starts by simply acknowledging that you’re taking part in something God has given you. The show’s writer received his gift to create a compelling story and lovable characters from God, and the beauty of nature surrounding you on that hike was sculpted and painted by His hand. The only thing really required to worship is a conscious decision to worship, that first step up the mountain’s slope.


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